A Guide of the Beaches and Coves of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Available for free on the main mobile platforms.

The most comprehensive guide of the Natural Park

Get to know all the beaches and coves with recommendations taking into account the direction of the wind

  • Description

    Detailed descriptions and images of each beach and cove. ¿Composed of sand or rocks? ¿Ideal for families? ¿Little coves to enjoy privacy?

  • How to get there

    Directions to get there by car and on foot. ¿Is it accesible by car? ¿Is it difficult to get there? ¿Which route to take?

  • Where to go?

    Get recommendations according to the direction of the wind, the weather and proximity. ¿Easterly or westerly winds? ¿Good conditions for bathing? ¿Which beaches or coves are nearest?

  • Map

    Map with all the locations of the beaches and coves. Perfect for planning which beaches and coves to visit and to know exactly where they are